A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature


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The full ebook version of A Glimpse of Anthropomorphic Literature contains all three issues of Goal Publication’s webzine of the same name, featuring short stories of a wide variety of genres, reviews of some well-known and unknown furry stories, and more.

Featuring the following works:

“Catching the Thief”, by Amy Fontaine

“Review – Abandoned Places”, by MisakiWolf

“Review – Huntress”, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

“Sheets and Covers”, by Ocean Tigrox

“Review – Tales from the Guild”, by Stefano “Mando” Zocchi

“Review – Losing My Religion”, by Kris Carver

“Rhinoirceros”, by Daniel Lowd

“Review – The Dog Who Spoke With Gods”, by Fred Patten

“If All Your Friends”, by T.C. Powell

“Sheeperfly’s Lullaby”, by Mary E. Lowd (2016 Ursa Major Award-nominated story)

“Review – Raven’s End”, by Fred Patten

“Review – In A Dog’s World”, by Huskyteer

“The Charitable Act of a Soft-Hearted Fool”, by Slip Wolf

“Review – Inhuman Acts”, by Corgi W.

“The System”, by Simmer the Lizard

“Review – Thousand Leaves”, by MikasiWolf

“Beast”, by Frances Pauli

“Re-Reading a Classic: Bambi for the Furry Writer”, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

“Promises to Keep”, by Renee Carter Hall

“Carnivore Studies 101”, by Inkblitz

“Interview – S. Andrew Swann”, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

“His Dog”, by Frances Pauli

“The Mouse Who Was Born A Bear”, by Mary E. Lowd

“Review – Coyote’s In The House”, by Fred Patten

“Mr. Larouz”, by Coinsettia

“Review – The Seventh Chakra”, by MikasiWolf

“Power”, by Adrian Mabe

Editor: Sean Gerace
Style:  Literary Work
Content: Collection
Pages: 107
ISBN: 978-0-997912-52-4
Parental Rating: PG
Publication Date: 2016


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