Claw the Way to Victory


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We’ve all watched sports played by humans, or have participated in sports with our human limbs and senses.

What would happen if the sporting events we loved were played by animal people?

Claw the Way to Victory looks to answer that question with a variety of stories, each showcasing a different sport and just how the instincts of an animal matched with the intelligence of a human can help or hurt a player.

Scratching? Biting?
Against the rules?

Not this time.


Descent by TrianglePascal
Discus Dog by James L. Steele
Bottom of the Ninth by PJ Wolf
A Knight’s Tale by Eric Lane
Ping Pong Diplomacy by Huskyteer
After the Last Bell’s Rung by Patrick Rochefort
A Leap Forward by MikasiWolf
A Gentleman of Strength by Dwale
Nightball by TrianglePascal
Eight Seconds and the Grace of God by Patrick Rochefort
Marge the Barge by Mary E. Lowd

Cover art by Jenn “Pac” Rodriguez; Edited by AnthroAquatic

Editor: AnthroAquatic
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Anthology
Parental Rating: PG
Publication Date:  January 2016


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