Disbanded (Serpentia: Book 1)

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Come forth, for you are special.


Sookahr the architect is just one of many snakes within Serpentia, an underground society where snakes and their rodent companions have lived in peace for as long as anyone can remember. Their destinies are preordained at birth, when they are fit with skymetal bands to enhance the telekinetic powers that aid them everyday.


Given an opportunity unheard of for a snake of his caste, Sookahr and Kwirk, his mouse aid, venture to a recently-destroyed outpost at the far edges of Serpentia, hoping to redesign the structure and prove his skill as an architect. But something watches from the jungle, and whatever attacked the outpost is poised to strike again. Will Sookahr’s drive to rise above his station get his team killed? Or will he respond to the call he’s heard since birth, and be the hero who can save them all?

Author: Frances Pauli
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Pages: 266
ISBN: 978-1-949768-12-1
Parental Rating:  PG
Publication Date:  March 2020

1 review for Disbanded (Serpentia: Book 1)

  1. alvekatt12 (verified owner)

    I have always liked Frances Paulis books, but this time she has outdone herself. It has better editing than her other books. The flow of the text feels perfect. The story drew me in in a way I haven’t been drawn in in many years. Enough to mess up my sleep schedule. “Wait, it’s six thirty in the morning? Last I looked it was ten in the evening!” Yeah, that happened…

    Do yourself a favor and get this book.

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