Give Yourself a Hand



Some nights, alone in bed—perhaps with the other side of the bed cold or still smelling of a previous lover—something stirs within you and tension builds, and you must take matters into your own hands.

Sometimes, it’s not so simple. A badger bargains with demonic forces to lose his virginity. A giant otter must recover something stolen from him at a kink convention. A sabertooth tigress on her ascent to godhood must learn to submit. This anthology contains eight erotic stories of anthropomorphic characters engaging in solitary—and not so solitary—release.

Featured Stories:

The Christian Boy’s Guide to Sex with Demons – PJ Wolf (M/NB)

With One Hand Tied Behind His Back – Royce Day (F/M)

Jerking to the Finish – Jaden Drackus (M/M)

Too Much Play – TJ Minde (M/M)

Power & Pleasure – KC Alpinus (F/F/NB)

Oak Branch – WR Frixmargen (M-solo)

Simplicity – Televassi (NB-solo)

An Unconventional Marriage Bed – Rukis (F-solo + M/M)

This is the digital version of this title (formats include .PDF, .ePUB, .AZW3, and .mobi).

Due to a heavy amount of explicit sexual content, this title is only available to those over the age of 18.

Editor: Skunkbomb
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Anthology
Pages: 138
ISBN: 978-1-949768-10-7
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations
Publication Date:  February 2019


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