Improbable…Never Impossible


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You are invited into one of the finest collections a writer has to offer. Here, in your hands, we have a baker’s dozen plus a few extra tales to spur one’s imagination; stories that will give you laughter, and maybe even some tears in your journey. The author has given us a collection of work where readers may realize that their imagination they once had as a child never actually left them; that it was always there. Vixyy is an author that truly believes that nothing is impossible, which is what you will find here in these stories. She is a writer that does more than just write, she lives the works. The creatures you will read about in these pages are dear friends; friends that she has become very attached to. And so, dear reader, we share with you an enticing collection of wonder. We hope you enjoy your travels through these strange but fun-filled lands. Open up and hitch a ride, we’ll be right here with you!

Author: Vixyy Fox
Publisher: Weasel Press
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Single Author Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-31155-650-9
Parental Rating:
Publication Date: November 2015


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