Jazz at the End of the Night


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Jazz at the End of the Night is a collection of short stories crawling from the caverns of hopelessness. The characters share in their hard times cursing the universe and losing everything that mattered to them. Each story throws the reader into a harsh reality of life changes, betrayal, and sometimes madness. Follow Derrick, returning from We Live for Half-Moons, still trying to find order in love yet only finding a crater of suffering as he explores life with a hot young thing he picked up at a gas station. Rick worked hard to keep him and his partner afloat. When he loses his job, he loses his whole life in an instant. Forced to sleep on the streets after his partner disappeared, he dreams of finding his love, hopefully alive. Izzy falls into a crippling depression as the bills pile and the collectors spam his phone. When his husband leaves him after frustration, the weasel lets go of everything in his life and takes off on the road, searching for happiness. Jazz at the End of the Night is a collection of hollow bridges, and it’s not easy to find the pieces to fix them.

Author: Weasel
Publisher: WZL Productions
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Single Author Anthology
Parental Rating: R – Sexual situations, drug use, violence
Publication Date: December 2017


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