Learning to Go

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Rufus loves his boyfriend, Victor, who is in chronic pain from an old injury. Because of his agony, Victor is unhappy most of the time, but Rufus loves cheering people up so that’s just fine with him.

However, after one heated fight it all becomes too much even for Rufus, and he needs to find a way to cool down. A spur of the moment decision leads him to hiring a dom, a dog named Bennett Augustine.

Rufus and Victor have an open relationship, so surely nothing bad can come of it…

Author: Friday Donnelly
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating: NC-17
Publication Date:  May 2015

1 review for Learning to Go

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    togo (verified owner)

    A moving story with interesting characters and steamy sex scenes that talks about abusive relationships in a realistic way, yet that is unfortunately riddled with problems when it comes to the actual writing. However, if you can get past those errors, this novel is more than worth it.

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