Typewriter Emergencies 2015



Welcome to Typewriter Emergencies, a collection of psychologically damaging and hard hitting furry literature. It’s a mad world we live in, a world where we are still uncovering some of the darkest of our secrets. We were asking a lot when we started our submission call. We were asking our authors to really dig the knife into their story; to give us the real maddening details, the secrets, the loss of control. And they did just that. This anthology has a total of thirteen gut-wrenching stories from several talented individuals. It’s a collection that drops the reader into thirteen rough worlds without anything to protect themselves, only the leadership of the characters they’re following. Each author handles a different aspect of the universe, touring the reader through some rather diverse struggles. Typewriter Emergencies is a journey not lightly made, and one that will definitely leave a deep impression on our readers. Weasel Press is proud to have our first furry collection on the books and we hope you will enjoy every moment this intense anthology has to offer.


The Dying Game by Amethyst Mare
Rogue by Phil Geusz
A Friend in Need by G. Miki Hayden
Among the Drunken Lab Mice by Con Chapman
Home Is Where The Rat Is by W. B. Cushman
Best of Breed by Renee Carter Hall
Finding a Cat by Timothy Wiseman
It’s a Long Road to Redemption by Jerod Underwood Park
Faces of Emotion by Junior Gordon
Daddy’s Little Dolly by Mark Plummer
The Vulture’s Ghost by Gareth Barsby
And the Last Shall Be… by Neil S. Reddy
Splinters by Dwale

Editor: Weasel
Publisher: Weasel Press
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-31133-592-0
Parental Rating:
Publication Date: October 2015


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