Bad Dog Books is a publishing imprint of FurPlanet and publishes the FANG and ROAR series of anthologies. For information on submitting stories to our anthologies, refer to the Anthologies page on FurPlanet.com. These books and others published by Bad Dog Books can be purchased here.

BadDogBooks.com is a furry-owned eBook site set up to sell eBooks written by, for and of interest to fans of the furry/anthropomorphic animal genre.

Here are some of the highlights of this site:

* eBooks available in multiple formats: one purchase gives you access to both epub (compatible with Nook, Sony Reader, iBooks and more) and mobi (compatible with Kindle readers and apps) formats.

* DRM free: once you purchase an ebook you have the right to read it on any device you own without any inconvenient licensing software getting in the way.

* Access your account and download your purchased eBooks anytime: your order history and available downloads will always be there for you.

* Access your account on desktop, tablet or phone. Download directly to your device and start reading!

* Features FurPlanet and Bad Dog Books publications and works from independent authors.

* Free short stories available

* Blog featuring posts by furry authors and editors on writing and publishing in the small press.

 If you are interested in furry books and comics in print form, visit our print store at www.FurPlanet.com