Midwest Furfest: Where to find FurPlanet

The FurPlanet team will be in Chicago this weekend for Midwest Furfest. Teiran, Buck Turner and Tempo, on loan from Sofawolf Press, will be on hand to sell MFF attendees great, furry books and comics in the dealers room. Speaking of Sofawolf, unfortunately they were not able to acquire a table this year so we […]

The Not Writer, Part 4: Always a Bridesmaid

“I have it all worked out in my head.” This is where the divide between Not Writers and Writers is thinnest: Story Ideas. Creativity, at its core, is a misnomer. We don’t actually create anything new, because we’re not capable of inventing anything we don’t already comprehend: we can’t conceive of something we can’t conceive […]

Bad Dog Blog

While many of the posts to this blog will be announcing new products, sales and other newsworthy items, that is not all we’ll be posting here. We’ll also be using this blog to publish some articles about writing, small press publishing, working with editors, eBooks in general, etc. Some of these will be written by […]