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Submission call: FANG – Bad Romance

I know everyone has been waiting but the wait is finally over. After much thinking and revising the theme for FANG Volume 9 is “Bad Romance.” This is a broad theme that I know can go many places. Forbidden/Taboo (within reason) Relationships – If you want warring families and factions with love that shouldn’t be […]

Bleak Horizons cover reveal

We’re pleased to reveal the cover and table of contents for our upcoming Science Fiction Horror anthology: Bleak Horizons! Bleak Horizons is edited by Tarl Hoch. He previously edited our 2014 anthology, Abandoned Places. Table of Contents Adrift by Kandrel 4/13/2060 by Franklin Leo Hardwire by Ton Inktail The Ouroboros Plate by Slip Wolf The […]

Submission call: CLAW Volume 1 (F/F) anthology

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first ever F/F erotic furry anthology, CLAW! Claw will be a yearly anthology in the same vein as ROAR and FANG, so the same general rules apply. Because this is CLAW’s inaugural volume, the theme is “General”, meaning that we are accepting a wide variety of […]


Preview: Kismet Chapter 4

When she wakes up there’s a moment of disorientation until she realizes Catboy—she did learn his name, didn’t she?—is taking up slightly more than half of her bunk. For a single person it’s more than big enough, but not for two. Why did they come back here instead of his place? Oh, right: because here […]


Preview: Kismet Chapter 3

If you don’t count the Ceres Ring, Panorica is the largest arcology in terms of both population and sheer size. It’s a cylindrical design like Kingston, but a vast, slow-spinning behemoth. You can dock either at the stationary center or at the rim, where you berth in gravity, start out much closer to wherever it […]


Preview: Kismet Chapter 2

33Beedle boop “Ms. Simmons?” Gail’s ear twitches at the voice on the radio. She’s prying a beer out of a rack in the cabin’s compact refrigerator. The beverage station does coffee well enough, but its “porter” tastes like cold strained oatmeal. “Yeah.” “This is Phil with Molinar Port Operations. Keces Industries requests you let us […]


Preview: Kismet Chapter 1

The call that shatters Gail’s life comes disguised as a gift from her past. It starts the way all of them have for the last fourteen years: a beedle boop and her ship’s voice, a pleasant female contralto, sounding directly in her left ear. “You have an incoming call.” She’s walking outside, or at least […]

3 new submission calls for anthologies open now!

We currently have three anthologies open for submission: ROAR Volume 8, FANG Volume 8, and an untitled Dystopian anthology. Please read the below submission calls if you’d like to participate and contact the editors directly with any questions. Thanks for considering contributing to our books and good luck! ROAR Volume 8 We’re looking for excellent […]

#FurryBookMonth Spotlight: Abandoned Places

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned places, and desolate, isolated locales. Recently some have taken to calling it “ruin porn”. There’s a History Channel series called “Life After People” on this topic which is worth checking out too. There’s a weird romance, a sort of pleasant melancholy in images of places which have been left […]