Submission Call: Altered States: Draconic Desires

This is a call for an anthology devoted to transformation, transmutation, and change into dragons or caused by dragons. We’re looking for high quality stories with a wide range of tones and styles centering on dragons and transformation (or adjusting to changes afterwards such as a dragon struggling to leave their (former) smaller domicile). Stories must depict dragons as major characters, though not necessarily as the protagonist. Characters turning into dragons are a preference, but dragons transmuting others is acceptable. And while this is a furry anthology, human characters are welcome.

This will be a mature audience short story collection. While erotica is preferred, sex is not required, as this collection wants to explore the full range of draconic and transformation experiences.

 Please send submissions as an attached .doc file or .docx file, Standard Manuscript Format to with a subject line that reads: DRACONIC DESIRES SUBMISSION: “Story Title” – word count.

Disallowed: We do not want explicit torture, rape, snuff, incest, vore, or underage characters in compromising situations. If you’re unsure about a more extreme kink, please contact us.

Also, please do not use copyrighted material and/or characters.

Submission Guidelines: When submitting, please follow the Shunn Modern Manuscript Formatting ( Please note: you do not need to submit your story in a monospace font, nor do you need to convert italics to underlining. Do not use tabs for indents, and use an indent in a paragraph style instead.

Scope: 4,000 to 10,000 words, but depending on the story, the editor might make exceptions.

Multiple Submissions: Three (3) maximum, but only one (1) will be picked.

Previously posted works: If your story was posted online prior to this, you can submit it. However, you need to link us to it, and keep in mind, the story may change during the editing process.

Simultaneous submissions: No. If you send a story to us, please don’t send it anywhere else until you hear back from us.

Submissions Open: August 1, 2023 

Deadline: November 30, 2023 

Response time: Most final decisions won’t be made until after the deadline, but all stories should receive a response by January 12, 2024 

Expected release date: July 4, 2024 – at Anthrocon 2024

Payment: 1/2 cent per word at whichever is higher between submitted and edited word count and one (1) contributor’s copy.

Rights: Exclusive rights for a period of twelve (12) months following the first date of publication, and nonexclusive rights to all publication of the Work in perpetuity.

Publication of a non-reprint story used the First World English rights.