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October 2016 is Furry Book Month

This October, we’re raising the profile of anthropomorphic literature and bringing furry stories to a wider audience. The Furry Writers’ Guild has joined forces with some of our fandom’s great authors and publishers to offer special deals during the month, from free shipping and discount codes to free books. If you don’t read furry fiction, […]

Moleday Sale

Friday November 6th is Rechan’s birthday. So we’re celebrating by putting our resident mole editor’s books on sale this weekend. Will of the Alpha, Will of the Alpha 2, and Taboo are on sale for $6.95 each, regularly $9.95; and Handcuffs & Lace is reduced to $3.95 from its regular price of $6.95. If you’ve […]

September New Releases

We’re happy to announce 6 new eBooks will be released here this month. One, Huntress, dropped on the 20th and another five will be released on September 24th to coincide with their print releases at Rainfurrest.   Huntress by Renee Carter Hall All her life, the young lioness Leya has dreamed of becoming one of […]

Summerhill author announces sequel and Patreon

Kevin Frane—also known as Rikoshi and K.M. Hirosaki—announced yesterday that he is now working on the sequel to Summerhill. The title of the next book in the series will be Stargazer. You can read Otherworlder, a short story set in the Summerhill universe free on Kevin’s newly-launched Patreon. Click the attachment in the upper right […]

Top 5 sellers for 2014

Here are our top five sellers for 2014: Uncovered by Kyell Gold Dude, Where’s My Fox? by Kyell Gold Meatier Showers: One More Time by Furious Strip Brawlers by Braford Red Devil by Kyell Gold

ROAR Volume 6 now open for submissions

Our longtime editor, Buck C. Turner, has completed his last volume of ROAR with the release of Volume 5 at Anthrocon. He is stepping down from ROAR to pursue other projects. Therefore, we’d like to welcome aboard ROAR’s new editor, Mary E. Lowd! You may recognize Mary’s name as the author of both Otters in […]

AtomicBoyX now on BadDogBooks

We’re happy to announce the addition of a new artist to Bad Dog Books: AtomicBoyX AtomicBoyX is the artist behind the Frat House Blues series, now up to 4 issues, as well as the one-shot comic, Since Then. Check out the new artist category here: As with most of our titles, his comics are […]