#FurryBookMonth Spotlight: Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places cover

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned places, and desolate, isolated locales. Recently some have taken to calling it “ruin porn”. There’s a History Channel series called “Life After People” on this topic which is worth checking out too. There’s a weird romance, a sort of pleasant melancholy in images of places which have been left to nature, dead malls, overgrown train tracks leading to nowhere.

Naturally, when Tarl approached me with the idea of a horror anthology set in abandoned places I jumped at the chance. Based on the number of submissions he received, this theme struck a chord with a lot of writers too.

For these reasons, I’m selecting AP as our first spotlight book. This is something I’ll try to do on a regular basis.

Since it’s Furry Book Month, we’re going to offer a special on Abandoned Places. This is a book I believe more people should read. There are some wonderful stories here. For the next week, till Saturday, October 22nd, the eBook of Abandoned Places is on sale… for whatever you want it to be. That’s right, you can have it for free, you can pay the regular price of $9.95, or more, or $5 or whatever. Go to the book’s page, https://baddogbooks.com/product/abandoned-places/ and set your own price.

Oh, and there’s a free audiobook reading of one of the book’s stories on that page too. Check it out. Download it, read it, review it, and above all help spread the word.