Argus the Werewolf Spanker: Clash of Alphas


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The saga of Argus the Werewolf Spanker continues!

Newly transformed Renley’s life has been turned upside down. Ravaged by a werewolf mere months ago, he’s now a lycanthope himself. Even stranger, he travels with the hunter who—of all things—spanks such beasts in order to tame them. But more changes are in store for Renley. Not only to his burgeoning body under the full moon, but to his relationship with the affable and handsome Argus.

A veteran werewolf hunter, Argus sees it as his duty to bring every monstrous creature in the land to heel. And with his unorthodox methods of lubed butt plugs, cold hard chains, and silver paddles, most every werewolf he faces is soon reduced to a mewling pup. But some beasts can’t be tamed. When an old foe rears its head, both Argus and Renley are faced with old doubts and new concerns that threaten the very fabric of their lives. Will Argus be able to conquer the fearsome Alpha who has plagued his nightmares, or will he be brought to heel himself? And will Renley be able to help him save the day?

Set shortly after the first part, Argus the Werewolf Spanker: Clash of Alphas continues the tale of kinky adventure and raunchy man-on-beast action. Expect more werewolves, more mayhem, and, best of all, more spankings. 22,000 words.

Cover art by Pockyrumz.

Author: S.G. Croup
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novella
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Sexual situations
Publication Date:  October 2016


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