Argus the Werewolf Spanker


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“They say that music soothes the savage beast, eh? I’ve found that some good chain, a paddle, and a few clamps work worlds better!”

Argus is a werewolf hunter, but not the traditional kind. Whereas other hunters favor various silver weapons, stakes, mercury-tipped arrowheads, poison mistletoe, wolfsbane, and the application of fire, Argus takes a different tack. Why kill a werewolf when you can subdue him? Werewolves are big, beautiful creatures, for all their snarling savagery. There’s no need to extinguish them from the world—not when you’ve got silver chains to bind them, and a silver paddle to give them a good lesson in manners instead. They’ve just got to learn who the alpha is, that’s all.

…Now as for where the silver butt plugs come in, well, that’s a trade secret.

Featuring 21,000 words of kinky bondage, spanking, and submission of hulking werewolves, as well as the men who hunt them. A gay erotic story where slavering beasts with uncontrollable sexual appetites hunt for both prey and mates under a full moon, and only one man has the skills required to tame them. While a standalone tale, Argus the Werewolf Spanker also expands on and takes place in the same world as previous story from S.G. Croup, The Jockstrap Bandit.

Author: S.G. Croup
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Short Story
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Sexual situations
Publication Date:  January 2015


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