Beyond Hallowed Walls (Paladin Series, Book 2)

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Sometimes, holy warriors are called to do more than defend their churches or their homes.  Now, the Paladins of the Hopegiver have been called to save the country of Vasani.  High General Takashi Ironskin, an ex-knight of the country and brilliant darkmage, has invaded, threatening the lives of millions of innocent people.  With his powerful magic and undead army, no normal weapon can slay him, so the paladins have traveled in different directions to reassemble the Light of Creation, an ancient weapon originally crafted to kill a god.  It is up to Acton, Mier, Vorel and Rasvim to track down the three pieces of the weapon and bring them to Vasani in hopes that they can stop the darkmage before it is too late.  Torr, the snowcat paladin, must remain in Eldere as the acting Head Paladin of the Hopegiver, helping the poor and watching as General Ironskin’s armies advance.

Acton, a mouse, must go to the Dark Isles, his original homeland that he escaped so long ago.  Mier, a Wolfen and Acton’s lover, takes a journey back to the Wolfen Valley, even if his own people will not welcome him.  For the final piece, Vorel and Rasvim – a married wolf and fox – head East in hopes of finding safe travel to the otter nation of Shin-se.

Can their relationships survive distance, interference, and the fear of death?

Author: Andres Cyanni Halden
ISBN: 978-1-93559-907-4
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations, language
Publication Date:  July 2009

1 review for Beyond Hallowed Walls (Paladin Series, Book 2)

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    This is a must read (The whole series is) the 2nd book in the series will have you on edge as the paladins face there challenges to get the parts to the most powerful weapon ever created. One of the best fantasy series i have ever read

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