Black Dust

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One year after the fateful accident that made him invisible, Agent Spiritwolf is still coming to terms with his new life. When knowledge emerges of a certain tablet being auctioned off by a slippery black-market dealer in exotic technology, the former agent is thrust back into action. His first assignment is to stop the dealer and recover the tablet that had been stolen from the lab complex where he had become invisible.

Achilles is a rising superstar – musical genius, singer, and performer extraordinaire. His latest set of concerts will take him across Europe, and part of that entourage will include a certain agent, undercover and looking for the dealer and the tablet.

Little does Achilles know that he’s also a suspect in Spiritwolf’s mission. Little does Spiritwolf know that he’s not the only agent coming after Achilles and his band.

The rock star and the agent. One very visible wolf and one very invisible wolf. One bringing happiness to millions around the world, one bent on saving the world from dark threats and finding a cure for his condition. Their lives are about to collide in a very messy way, and neither of them will be the same afterward.

The events in this story take place approximately two years prior to the events in “Partners”

Author: Invisiblewolf and Achilles
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Pages: 322
ISBN: 978-1-61450-392-7
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Violence scenes, mature scenes
Publication Date:  June 2017

1 review for Black Dust

  1. David Boccabella (verified owner)

    This is a prequel to ‘Partners’. Spiritwolf is still recovering from his ‘accident’ and his superiors have decided to trial him on his first case. The stakes are high.. and personal as this might be the chance for Spiritwolf to reverse his condition.
    Achilles is a singer/popstar and could never believe how much his life could change when his personal trainer turns out to be a super spy, and the enemies are far closer to home than he would have liked.
    I really enjoyed the plots and twists – many of them so clever it was not until the very end that you realise just Who is Who. Add to this a veritable mix of spys, criminals, and double crosses across Europe .
    I really enjoyed this after reading ‘Partners’ and am hoping that the excerpt at the end is published soon.
    Many thanks for sharing your creative talents with us readers Invisible Wolf and Achilles.

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