Bloodfeud (In Another Life series) (Volume 2)



Anger and depression are all that remains within Mila as she finishes her final academic year at Global-Tech. Her life now back to how it had previously been, she returns to the Valley to an empty home and a lonely summer. Driven to the point of desertion, she meets a certain knowledgeable Priest, and together, they set their sights on an adventure farther north. Determined to rid the world of the Devil’s curse, Mila Baine becomes known as the Bain of the Wolves when her objectives become clear. However, this notoriety could become deadly when the Blood Wolves take notice of her. Can Mila finish what she started, or did she meddle with forces that are out of her grasp? Little is known about the curse and the Blood Wolves, and sometimes, evil twists the known into the unknown. Mila thought she had seen all that there was to see when it came to Blood Wolves, but she is sorely mistaken. Now, she must face even more paranormal circumstances, the most terrifying of which is when an old enemy returns, vastly more powerful than before. More than that, however, Mila finds something she thought she had lost forever in the depths of the Blood Wolves’ territory.


Author: C.R. Benson
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating: PG
Publication Date: September 2017


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