Civilized Beasts 2015


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Civilized Beasts is a poetry for charity anthology. Poets and artists from all over the world have come together to donate their time and their work to help save our wildlife. If you purchase this book, all of the profit earned will be donated to The Wildlife Conservation Society to aid them in their cause. Weasel Press invites all our readers to join us in our celebration of poetry and to help us in our global commitment.

Poets include:
Larry D. Thomas
B. H. Tang
Kevin Gillam
Chris Wise
BanWynn Oakshadow
Arian Mabe
Marge Simon
Jason Huitt (Lunostophiles)
Eduard Dragomir Szabo
Sandi Stromberg
Renee Carter Hall
Edwin ‘Utunu’ Herrell
George Squares
Amy Fontaine
Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
Winston Derden
Carolyn A. Dahl
Joyce Parkes
Stefano “Mando” Zocchi
Dominique Goodall
David Andrew Cowan
Altivo Overo
Kits Koriohn
Denise Clemons
Jack Warren
Lynn White
Bruce Boston
Laura “Munchkin” Govednik

Editors: Laura “Munchkin” Govednik
Publisher: Weasel Press
Style:  Poetry
Content:  Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-31191-767-6
Parental Rating:
Publication Date: December 2015


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