Dogs of War II Aftermath



How does war change when the people who do the fighting are no longer just human? When dogs, enhanced by artificial intelligence, can help their human masters track their foes, or when a horse wants to prove that he can be a sailor too? Does the dreadful calculus of warfare change when some of the people involved have fur?What happens on the battlefield is only the start—and soldiers are not the only ones who face the consequences. In the aftermath of any conflict, people must rebuild what was lost, consolidate what was gained, and decide if it was worth the price.

Dogs of War II Aftermath is an anthology exploring what warfare looks like when the combatants are no longer fully human. It contains nineteen stories about how war changes when those who do the fighting have changed, and how much it stays just the same.


Dog, Extended by Cairyn
Remembrance by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
Scars by Televassi
The Surface Tension by Dwale
My Brother’s Shadow by M.R. Anglin
Close to Us by MikasiWolf
Lime Tiger by Slip-Wolf
Umbra’s Legion: The Destruction of Ismara by Geoff Galt
Umbra’s Legion: Charon’s Obol by Adam Baker
The Call by Lord Ikari
Every Horse Will Do His Duty by Thurston Howl
Matched Up by K. Hubschmid
The Son of Goulon Stumptail by NightEyes DaySpring
Noble by Thomas “Faux” Steele
Trial by Error by Jaden Drackus
The Night the Stars Fell by KC Alpinus
Tears of the Sea by MikasiWolf
The Pack by Argyron
Going Home by Miles Reaver

Edited by Fred Patten, Cover art by Teagan Gavet

Editor: Fred Patten
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Anthology
Pages: 478
ISBN: 978-1-61450-418-4
Parental Rating:  PG-13
Publication Date:  March 2018


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