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Intelligence and lust come in many forms, as do anthropomorphic animals. From majestic dragons to graceful gryphons, were-creatures of all kinds, and cyber-enhanced flyers, all are included here. Featuring four titillating stories for adults only by Of The Wilds, Whyte Yoté, Resolute, and Kandrel.

Snowbound by Of The Wilds
Supernatural Delight by Whyte Yoté
Nothing Feathered, Nothing Gained by Resolute
Adrenaline High by Kandrel

Edited by Rechan, Cover art by Rukis

Ediyor: Rechan
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Anthology
Pages: 136
ISBN: 978-1-61450-414-6
Parental Rating:  NC-17
Publication Date:  February 2018

1 review for Feral!

  1. motors4fixer (verified owner)

    This is a must read book, Snowbound by Of The Wilds is a heartwarming story between a male Dragon and a female Human trying to survive a snowy apocalypse. 10/10. If you have read any of Of The Wilds written works on SoFurry you will not be disappointed.

    Supernatural Delight by White Yote has an interesting TF full moon twist to it where the protagonist meets up with 3 others in his position they sit down and talk about their TF experience which ends up getting quite intimate by the end of the story. A well written piece 9/10.

    Nothing Feathered, Nothing Gained by Resolute is about a Friendship between an anthro Lizard and a Feral Gryphon that turns intimate for them. 10/10.

    Adrenaline High by Kandrel is set in a futuristic city with cyber implants and nanotech, a thief gets caught by a ‘rent-a-cop’ and things get very heated and intimate between the two after a long air chase. 10/10

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