Handcuffs & Lace


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Corrections Officer Cheyenne ‘Vi’ Choate is a coyote with a routine.  She brings donuts to work for the squad room, works the late shift in the county jail and goes to church with her family on Sunday.  After her divorce, after her injury, routine came easy.

Emerson Kendell is a skunk who just wants to go to relax after a long day.  When bad luck lands him in one of Vi’s cells, neither of them would have expected what happens next.

The course of love never did run smooth, but attraction plays by even stranger rules.  For two lonely souls, a casual act of kindness becomes something more and each will have to navigate their feelings and decide what it is they are really looking for.

Handcuffs and Lace
An Adult Romance by Rechan

Cover art by Shawntae Howard, Interior art by ABlueDeer

Author: Rechan
ISBN: 9781935599661
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novella
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Some sexually explicit scenes
Publication Date:  October 2010


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