Heretic (Reborn Book 4)



Rhys has been abandoned on Pluto, cast off by Snow for learning the truth about Amy and her Starat Freedom Union. Their target is clear.

Terra is in mortal danger and Rhys is the only one who knows about the coming peril. But he is just one starat, voiceless in an empire of ignorance.

Rhys must find new allies to help him as he delves back into the heartland of the empire, desperate to save the people who would rather him dead. If he is to succeed, he must uncover the secrets behind the empire and the Vatican on Mars.

All the while, a familiar torment stalks him.

Author: J.F.R. Coates
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
ISBN: 978-1-922061-74-4
Parental Rating: R – some language and violence
Publication Date:  November 2021


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