In the Doghouse of Justice



If you’re dating one of the superheroes of the elite League of Canids, it’s not all glamour and adventure. Your partner might teleport away at just the wrong intimate moment… or go off for some private time with herself (literally). After a fight, your husband could run out on you at the speed of light.


And even if you’ve got the relationship thing figured out, you’ve still got to worry when they leave the house. There’s a world of people out there just drooling for the chance to tie up your partner and do unspeakable things to him. And those are just his fans.


Meet the League of Canids: Blink Coyote, WonderWolf, History Channel, Vicious Vixen, Red Lightning, MultiWolf, and more, in seven stories of superheroes dealing with life, love, and super-villains:

  • Vicious
  • Don’t Blink previously published in Heat #4 *
  • Third Date previously published in Heat #5 *
  • Stop the World previously published in Anthro #24 *
  • Modern History
  • Splitting Time
  • Sim & Scope

Cover art and interior illustrations by Alexander Roman


* Story has been revised from previously published version.

Author: Kyell Gold
ISBN: 978-1-936689-12-5
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Short story anthology
Parental Rating:  R – Some suggestive material
Publication Date:  August 2011


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