Out of Position (Dev & Lee book 1)

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Dev is a football player at Forester University, a small liberal arts college where he and his teammates get to strut around and have their pick of the girls on Friday nights. That’s as good as it gets—until he meets Lee, a fox with a quick wit and an attractive body.

Problem is, Lee’s not a girl. He’s a gay fox, an activist who never dreamed he’d fall for a football player. As their attraction deepens into romance, it’s hard enough for them to handle each other, let alone their inquisitive friends, family, and co-workers. And if school is bad, the hyper- masculine world of professional sports that awaits Dev after graduation will be a hundred times worse.

Going it alone would make everything easier. If only they could stop fighting long enough to break up.

With cover and interior illustrations by Blotch.

Author: Kyell Gold
ISBN: 978-0-9791496-9-6
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations
Publication Date:  January 2009

4 reviews for Out of Position (Dev & Lee book 1)

  1. W.W.

    I’m not a football fan, or for that matter a fan of sports in general. That in mind, I was hesitant to dive into Dev & Lee’s world. I’m glad I did. If you love sports you’ll enjoy it all the more perhaps but a passion for the game is definitely not a prerequisite.

  2. maxius.tj

    ~background story~
    i was going through some tough times as a teenager bout to got to college and i was searching for means to find distractions from my problems, this is how i discovered that i was into the furry fandom. now despite the fact i came across this book a year or two after it was released (i started reading it early 2014, i know im really late) i instantly fell in love with the characters due to the fact i could easily relate with them and how the characters Dev and Lee solved the problems together. now while the book did have some spicy scenes here and there, i wasn’t focused on them too much, i was more drawn to the actual context, plot, story, and character development of the characters. This book is a must read for anybody who have an open mind about things.

  3. Jay (verified owner)

    In short, this novel is absolutely incredible, and I had trouble putting it down. I’d highly recommend it for anyone open to its overreaching gay story arc.

    In length, there is so much amazing going on here. I opened it honestly expecting very little. Boy was I surprised! I had never read a furry novel, nor a novel featuring a gay relationship, and I was worried that both these elements would overtake any complex story line and make it instead predictable and linear. Yet I was absorbed into the plot and characters almost immediately, and I felt a strong connection with both Dev and Lee that lasted through the end. Gold’s writing is truly beautiful and descriptive and golden (heh, sorry) and he utilizes the animalistic properties of the characters well. They aren’t just people that happen to be animals; the characters are far more complex than that, and the animal that each character is chosen to be is well thought-out and fitting.
    I was worried in the get-go that the major football elements and terminology would cloud my understanding of the plot, and I feared that I’d become bored sick of the football by the end. I’m happy to report that I never once felt this way while reading; the football really plays a crucial role in the story, and it is well-balanced and well-described so that one does not need any knowledge of football to comprehend what is happening at all times.
    (I must also mention the explicit scenes that are scattered throughout the novel. They are a treat to read, but if the sex isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they tend to be brief and they really help to advance character development.)
    Finishing this novel, I felt only two things: an excitement that traveled throughout my entire body, and a dying eagerness to read more. Luckily, Kyell Gold has written three sequels and has a fourth one planned, so I’ll be sure to get my fix in the next book, and I’ll also be sure to look at Kyell’s many other works as well!

  4. Taurean J. Watkins (verified owner)

    I too am not a big sports person, and yet I while admittedly I glazed over the football stuff in parts, I now better understand why this game is so fiercely adored by so many (and thus respect it better), but for me Dev and Lee’s relationship is what kept me reading.

    This book hits a lot of sharp feels for me, and without getting TMI, reminds me why taking the hard road is the only way to get what you really want in life.

    If you love Rukis’ comics about Marcus and Reiss (Cruelty and Unconditional) you will enjoy following Dev and Lee.

    I definitely will get book 2 in the series soon.

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