Seeing Spots

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Theo Gottlieb, a young wolf, hoped to get a boyfriend at college. After getting a fortune cookie that tells him he’ll be “seeing spots” in his future, the freshman hooks up with an attractive fraternity president named Khan Carter at a party. Besides that first night, the wolf hadn’t expected anything, but the snow leopard convinces him to see if something can come out of it. Other options might be in front of him, but the snow leopard, with his charming eyes and quick smile, seems like a sure bet. Complications arise, including their private lives being invaded and the wolf finding himself in real danger. Can the hookup-turned-couple stay together through it all? Theo hopes so, since he keeps seeing spots.

Author: Andres Cyanni Halden
ISBN: 978-1-93559-908-1
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novella
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations, language
Publication Date: January 2010

1 review for Seeing Spots

  1. 欧阳 清源 (verified owner)

    “…the wolf finding himself in real danger.”
    I expected a little more strife and conflicts in the story, the description is a bit misleading, but I had a great time reading it.
    A good book in general, but there are several noticeable grammar mistakes.

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