That Old Time Religion


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For Thomas, a college drop out looking to find his way, it was a chance meeting with the gypsy fortune teller at the carnival, but Ishandra the dragon exotic was more than she appeared. He would learn that there are immortals who walk among us, old gods who are looking for something. He soon finds himself caught up in the search of the mystery with four unique traveling companions. It’s a road trip with the gods, a strange and possibly dangerous quest, and a journey of self discovery. Thomas faces many challenges, large and small and he’ll find friendship and romance as well as intrigue, but how will the adventure change him?

Cover and illustration artwork for this book is by Heather Bruton.

Warning: This book is for adult readers and contains sexually explicit scenes of both male/female and male/male nature. Not for sale to underage readers.

Author: Will Sanborn
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating:  NC-17


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