The Shadows That Linger

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In a world of superpowers, the Protectors defend the world from the Consortium, a group of supervillains bent on destruction and political upheaval. However, when Pariah, the youngest and newest member of the Protectors, saves the life of Puppeteer, the leader of the Consortium, they are drawn together by the single act of kindness into much more than a chance encounter.

While Pariah and Puppeteer’s relationship deepens, a new villain emerges, beholden to none and destructive in ways both physical and psychological, who can dredge up the shadows of their pasts and use their memories against them. Loyalties will be tested and lives fundamentally changed when secret identities are on the line and mysterious pasts are involved.

Despite the challenges presented by their growing feelings for each other, the tensions building around them, and a terrifying new threat, the two foxes will do everything they can to uphold their morals and discover how to save the world.

Author: M. Andrew Rudder
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Pages: 314
ISBN: 978-1-61450-259-3
Parental Rating:  PG-13 – Some violence
Publication Date:  July 2015

1 review for The Shadows That Linger

  1. (verified owner)

    to say that i didn’t enjoy it would be a big fat lie.

    i sincerely enjoyed the book and the idea behind.
    i will start, in any case, by pointing out a few problems i saw. Like the author himself mentioned in a chapter the white magus tries “too much”, there is such a thing as to much “pizzazz” believe it or not. Even if he is funny often too.

    My other main problem was the fact that there is WAY to much canines and it took me a minute when the author was going “then the wolf went…” to understand WHICH ONE OF THE PACK did that?

    another problem to me was the “back and forth” in some chapters between puppeteer and nocturn…made me wonder if their was a “change” that i missed.

    then well the last problem is maybe a bit to much cliche about the mechanic and the black magus mainly.

    other than that i SINCERELY loved the book. or i wouldn’t buy it as an e-book too after having the paper version.

    the bad guy is actually DAMN LOVABLE he really managed to crack me up with his band of misfits.
    pariah is a DAMN SWEET BOY that ANYONE would want to hug and get to know him at least as a friend.

    the rest of BOTH groups are funny in their own ways and stay very individual and full of surprises by themselves.

    the book in himself is creative and intriguing. not a redundant and boring at all.

    sincerely i would advise this book despite the problems i pointed out at first. i just prefer to be honest.

    and i also have to add i LOVED firestarter’s behavior too in that book.

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