Thou Shalt Not Kill

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This is from the anthology “X”, published by Sofawolf and edited by Kyell Gold.

I was and still am completely thrilled that Kyell invited me to participate in this anthology. For those who don’t know, X has ten stories by ten writers and each one is an interpretation of one of the Ten Commandments. I figured people would expect me to pick Coveting, Adultery or something that lends itself to my usual type of storytelling, but I decided I wanted a challenge so I picked Thou Shalt Not Kill instead.

I’ve gotten some good feedback from those who have bought the book. I hope you enjoy it.
Oh, I should say something else about the story. This one has both M/M and M/F sex in it, more M/M though. Male Lion, Female Lion and a subby, femmy jaguar. 🙂

Also, if you like what you seen here and want to read the rest of the stories with illustrations, you can buy the book from me: or from the publisher:

Support your furry artists and writers. 😀

This version includes the original illustration by Heather Bruton!

Author: FuzzWolf
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Short Story
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations
Publication Date:  June 2009

1 review for Thou Shalt Not Kill

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    TheOtherOne (verified owner)

    It starts pretty much like quite the porn story. But as story goes on, it gets more and more thought-provoking and ends in a really heartbreaking way. It’s simply beautiful and short story, that You would want to be familiar with!

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