Crimson (Tristan – Book 2)



Coercionist, lover, prisoner. More?

Alexander Bartholomew Crimson only ever wanted a few things out of life: a good job, friends, and a man to love—no, an alien man to love. He got the first even before he was done with school, the second not long after he started his new job on a new planet.

The third he’d given up, on until he’d met Jack: a tall, handsome, funny, loving, furry Samalian. For a few weeks, Alex didn’t think life could be any better. But then Jack was taken from him. Worse, the company he worked for accused him of being in league with the alien who attacked them, the same alien who took Jack.

Now, Alex only wants one thing: to get him back.

Unaware of the choices he will have to make or the dangers he will face, he embarks on a trek he hopes will take him to the monster who took Jack from him. But with each danger he faces comes the realization that who he is might not be enough to reach his goal.

With each choice he makes, Alex changes. What cost is he willing to pay to get to the man he loves? Will there be enough of himself left when he gets there to be recognizable?

Author: Sylvain St-Pierre
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating:  NC-17


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