We Live for Half-Moons

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Derrick, a Dalmatian in his mid-thirties, is reeling after the death of his boyfriend Nick. Even with Nick’s murderer thrown in jail, Derrick wallows in remorse and loneliness, a sorrow he buries in his sexual desires and appetites. Prowling through the night streets, Derrick discovers peace—or something like peace—when he discovers Ely, a local prostitute. Pinned against a money-hungry wolf pimp, the ghost of his former lover, and the conservative agenda, Derrick seeks more than just a place in the world—he seeks companionship, at least to keep the ticks at bay. 18+ for mature content.

Author: Weasel
Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating: NC-17
Publication Date: October 2017

1 review for We Live for Half-Moons

  1. 欧阳 清源 (verified owner)

    Very depressing. Derrick’s anguish and pain feels so real and the impact is so big that I can’t help but feeling extremely sad when reading this. This is a masterpiece.

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