Why Coyotes Howl

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Ranging from urban fantasy to hard science fiction, this edition collects sixteen stories ranging over almost two decades of small press publication. Included are two out-of-print fan favorite novelettes, “Only With Thine Eyes” and “Travelling Music,” as well as “Without Evidence,” a noir mystery novelette set in the fantasy land of Ranea. In addition to previously published work that’s been revised for this new publication, this collection presents several pieces for the first time, including the title story. The eBook edition adds two new pieces over the print edition.

Author: Watts Martin
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Single author anthology
Parental Rating:  PG-13
Publication Date:  December 2004

1 review for Why Coyotes Howl

  1. sundance@ierne.eu.org

    Watts Martin is one of our finest writers, and demonstrates it once more.

    Urban fantasy takes a special sort of skill. You have to paint the mundane with the colors of magic. And Watts Martin shows right from the first short story in this anthology he is particularly adept at this art.

    While some of the older works included here may not be entirely up to the standards set in the rest of the book, the anthology is suffused with a quiet thoughtfulness and compelling atmosphere reminiscent of Jeffrey Ford and Jeff Vandermeer — no faint praise, right there. If that’s at all your thing, do check out Why Coyotes Howl.

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