God of Fire, Book Three – The Fire Bearers

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Ogya has won complete control of the People of the Savanna through the authority of his avatar, King Laughing Dog. He blazes through the forest consuming everything with his flames; but still his hunger grows ever fiercer.

Elder Cloud leads her group of exiles across the empty lands to the ancient, storm-lashed city of Bogana. Cloud hopes to find help in stopping Ogya, but the dim childhood memories she carries of the dangerous city provide little comfort. The exiles are unaware they are being followed by one of the King’s loyal Fire Hunters, carrying his own ghosts of the past.

Fledgling forest god Clay and his mate Doto seek to prevent all-out war between Kwaee, Ogya, and what remains of his tribe. Clay—now trapped with his feet in two very different worlds—must learn to embrace his divinity to reconcile the estranged goddesses of earth, water and forest in a desperate attempt to stop the seemingly unstoppable Ogya.

God of Fire is the third, and final, book in the Fire Bearers series which started with God of Clay and Forest Gods.

Cover and interior art by Zhivago.

Available format(s): ePub and mobi

Author: Ryan Campbell
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Pages: 569
ISBN: 978-1-936689-71-2
Parental Rating: R
Publication Date: April 2021

1 review for God of Fire, Book Three – The Fire Bearers

  1. Valerio (verified owner)

    This is the perfect conclusion (or a prelude to other things to come? Who knows…) to a perfect African Fantasy that kept me fascinated, moved, excited without a pause.
    Nothing can be taken for granted, everything can happen, in this affresco that is not about a loving couple but about PEOPLE. Gods and Man serve to carve the words and songs of a story, which, like a mighty tree, digs its roots in a strange past and sprouts its branches toward the immensity of the future.
    Doto, Clay, Cloud, Mirage, Kwaee, Ogya and many others, unwilling or not, open the path to a new and different world from when we started reading about them in “God of Clay”.
    This is a long book, but the readers will barely notice it as the story will carry them away until, with a happy and sad sigh, the last page will be turned.
    And kudos for ZHIVAGO, the excellent artist whose unique style crafted the finest images for this tale^^

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