Heathen City Vol. 1 “Always on the Run”



When the hustler Owen Zelazny and his Latin flame Ruy Ortega find  themselves pursued by a sadistic psychopath with a nebulous agenda,  the only thing they know how to do is run.  Boost a car, book a flight, pick some pockets to pay the bills an just run.

Their only hope is a man who’s robbed, killed and betrayed to save himself and those precious few he gives a damn about.

With him around, somebody’s bound to get killed.

Usually the bad guy. Usually. Maybe.

This is a world where love is cheap and life is cheaper.

Buckle up for a hell of a ride.

In this first volume, winner of the 2008 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story, writer Alex Vance lays the foundation of a globe-spanning mystery thriller — for adults only.

Style: Comic
Content: Color Cover, color interior
Pages: 46
ISBN: 978-90-79082-11-7
Parental Rating: NC-17 – mature content, graphic sexual situations
Publication Date: June 2008

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2008 Ursa Major Award – Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story


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