Heathen City Vol. 2 “Paved With Bad Intentions”



The hotly-anticipated second volume of the award-winning graphic novel series Heathen City, titled “Paved With Bad Intentions”, has been a year in the making – and it shows. Four stories, half a baker’s dozen of the community’s most talented artists…

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Where Vol. 1 (“Always on the Run”) kicked off a pulse-pounding adventure, this volume aims to broaden the scope, deepen the mythology and peel back the obvious to reveal unexpected layers of the story, and the characters that drive it… and introduce a vast new aspect of the mystery of Maranatha City in the process.

Illustrated by ZooshWolf, Krahnos, Blue_Panther, Vahnfox, Fel and Charha, with a cover by Kaji – the art team reads like a veritable who’s-who of the anthropomorphic art community, each one delivering some of the finest work they’ve done.

“What It’s All About”

Illustrated and colored by Vahnfox with additional coloring by Charha

Mere hours before the phone-call that reunited him with Owen, Malloy was up to no good. Despite his yearning for peace and family, it seems he has a habit of keeping secrets that drive away the ones he cares about the most.

“La Lune Trop Pâle”

Illustrated by Krahnos, colored by Fel

The world’s oldest profession is not for the faint of heart, nor for the unresourceful. A beautiful moon over night-time Paris, a chance encounter with a charismatic stranger and some on-your-feet thinking is all you need to find yourself plunging headlong into a new destiny.

“From a Darker Place”

Illustrated and colored by Blue_Panther

No-one is born a monster, and a mother can’t help but love her child. But anyone who grows to be such a cruel villain as Tony Caulfield must have had a moment where  they lost their innocence… or had it stolen from them.

“House of the Rising”

Illustrated and colored by ZooshWolf, with additional coloring by Charha

Introducing Tiber Ferrum, a businesshorse in a corporate world dominated by carnivores. How does such a man maintain his sanity, when every natural instinct screams a constant symphony of anxiety and claustrophobia… and how the hell does he fit into the story?


Without eschewing the raucous gallow’s humor and scintillating sexuality that helped make the first book such a success, “Paved With Bad Intentions” goes deeper and harder, exploring the intricate and often heart-wrenching decisions and circumstances that brought the rogue’s gallery of characters to where we found them in volume one.

This is the second volume of the Ursa Major Award-winning adult anthropomorphic thriller Heathen City, written by Alex Vance and illustrated by an international team of artists.

Style: Comic
Content: Color Cover, color interior
Pages: 56
ISBN: 978-90-79082-12-4
Parental Rating: NC-17 – mature content, graphic sexual situations
Publication Date: July 2009


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