A Familiar Death (Death By Predation – Book 2)


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Out of the Jungle.

Forced to return home to investigate a death, Marlot finds himself confronted with all the reasons he left. With the council more interested in getting him to close the case quickly than getting the real killer to pay, his family expecting him to stay, and having to deal with the town’s new Enforcer—the male who killed his first love—is it any wonder all his insecurities are coming back?

Can even having Trembor at his side be enough, when the danger of being exposed as lovers would bring the townsfolk on them with deadly intent? And how can Trembor be surprised when Marlot, claws-bared, grabs the opportunity to get back at the council for the way they treated him his whole life?

Getting the killer to pay might not be certain, but Marlot knows he can get his revenge on all of them, so long as he keeps to the hunt. But can he look past his anger to see the cost of what he wants to do?

Author: Sylvain St-Pierre
Content:  Novel
Parental Rating:  NC-17


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