Ty Game

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When a chance encounter in a dance club leads Ty to question his sexuality, the fox keeps it secret from everyone, even his gay teammate. After all, he’s in the spotlight as the newest wide receiver of the playoff-bound Firebirds, and his parents are arranging a marriage for him. He can’t let a hookup with a guy mess that up.

Tami’s got her career planned out — until her mother makes her put her name in to be Ty’s wife. Now she’s juggling deadlines and a relationship that she sure doesn’t need with her dream job on the line.

Together, Ty and Tami will have to decide what they’re willing to risk, and what they’re willing to leave behind — including maybe each other.

Ty Game is the newest full-length Forester Universe novel by Kyell Gold, and examines a character first introduced in the award-winning Dev and Lee (aka: “Out of Position”) series.

Cover by Rukis and The Neverwolf. Interior art by The Neverwolf.

eBook contains the 8 illustrations shown in color, and 2 additional adult images.

Ty Game is a romance novel intended for an adult audience only and contains some explicit sexual scenes. It is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

Author: Kyell Gold
Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Pages: 396
ISBN: 978-1-936689-68-2
Parental Rating:  NC-17 – Graphic sexual situations
Publication Date: December 2018

3 reviews for Ty Game

  1. cbfruitso (verified owner)

    In my opinion, Kyell Gold is at his best when writing about relationships. I never thought I’d be into romance novels, but his keen insights into the mindsets of LGBT people and his vivid worldbuilding always get me invested in the relational drama. He has a knack for drawing up emotionally complex characters and bringing them to life through their dynamic interactions between each other.

  2. kye (verified owner)

    Another good story from Kyell Gold. Completely worth the money and time. This one has a _lot_ more fennecs.

  3. C. H. Marlow (verified owner)

    A surprising turn of events with a lovable protagonist.

    The main cast are all rather interesting and unique in their own ways. I found myself wanting to know more about them, read more about them, find out about their past; and wanting more is of course a mark of a good story. I think Kyell’s only just scratched the surface when it comes to these characters, and that’s exciting to me.

    The interior illustrations by The Neverwolf are excellent, and very cute, adding that little extra cherry on top. And of course great cover by Rukis.

    Ty’s journey and easy going attitude make him easily one of my favorite characters Kyell has written. I really hope that he and his friends get another adventure.

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