ROAR Volume 6 now open for submissions

Our longtime editor, Buck C. Turner, has completed his last volume of ROAR with the release of Volume 5 at Anthrocon. He is stepping down from ROAR to pursue other projects.

Therefore, we’d like to welcome aboard ROAR’s new editor, Mary E. Lowd! You may recognize Mary’s name as the author of both Otters in Space books published by FurPlanet. She has also published dozens of short stories over various science fiction and furry anthologies. Check out her website for more info on our new editor.

Mary has already selected a theme for the next volume and put together the submission guidelines you see below.

Theme: Scoundrels
Submission Status: Open
Submission Deadline: April 1, 2015 (Tentative release date: July 2015 at AnthroCon)
Editor: Mary E. Lowd, send all submissions and queries to
Rate of Pay: 1/2 cent per word and one contributor’s copy
Submissions Guidelines:
We’re looking for excellent general audience furry stories on the theme “scoundrel.” Submissions should be under 12,000 words, no lower limit. If you have an excellent story, but you’re not sure it fits the theme, give it a try. We can be flexible on “scoundrel,” but all stories have to be furry. That means an anthropomorphic animal figure should be significantly featured in your story—it could be anthropomorphic in body or only intelligence. We’ll consider any type of furry fiction from secret life of animals to fox in Starbucks—as long as it’s excellent.

Please send submissions as an attached .doc, .docx, or .rtf file in standard manuscript format to For multiple submissions, eprints, or other questions, please query. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.