Welcome to BadDogBooks.com!

Hello and welcome to BadDogBooks.com, the furry eBook site of FurPlanet Productions.

We’re having a soft opening, which is retail speak for we’re open but not “officially”. Our grand opening will be on July 1st so pardon our dust as we are still tweaking some areas of the site.

Feel free to look around. All the books which are active in the store are available to purchase and the credit card system is online. If you have any questions or issues please send an email to FuzzWolf@FurPlanet.com for assistance.

Consider this soft opening a public beta test of our new site. We want to hear what you think so far so please give us some feedback on your experience here.

Thank you for checking out our new store. Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter, @BadDogBooks, for lots more exciting news and updates!

FurPlanet Productions